Victoria RoncoVictoria is a part time wanderer and a full time superhero. She also feels insanely awkward writing about herself in the third person. She’s traveled the world (South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Oceania, just missing Antarctica), and would do it again in a heartbeat..



Alright, let’s make this a little more personal. I started taking pictures when I was a teenager because I have an awful memory and tend to forget experiences and places. I needed something to jog my memory, so I would take a camera with me everywhere I went.


Aerial Scotland

the editor of a national magazine, which moved me into the ranks of “published photographer”.


After that, my father gave me a Nikon DSLR as a graduation present, and it immediately became my prized¬†possession¬†(also known as “my baby”). I took her around the world with me, and took more than 15,000 photographs (many of which are on this site).

I shoot with that same Nikon to this day, constantly capturing the beauty in everyday things. My friends will often have to pause during a walk because I’ve taken extreme interest in a railing, or the rust on a drain pipe, or a door knob. Photography has become my primary form of artistic expression: I use it to show the world as I see it, and to show myself to the world. It reminds me of the amazing places I’ve been and the incredible things I’ve seen. If my home were burning down and I was given the option to save one thing (humans and pets excluded) it would be my photos.